Monday, December 22, 2008

Ral Partha vs Strelets, Mounted

Following on from yesterday's posting, here is a selection of mounted Ral Partha troops, compared to a couple of plastic Strelets figures. The figures are as follows (in both pictures) left to right:
  • Ral Partha, Moorish Cavalry with Spear, 42-176, from the 1200 AD range
  • Strelets Scots Grey
  • Ral Partha, Mounted Pathan, from the Colonial range
  • Strelets Cossack
  • Ral Partha, Turkish Mounted Command, 54-619, from the Condottieri range

As the pictures illustrate, the first and last RP figures are a pretty close match to the Strelets. On the other hand, the Pathan in the middle position is smaller than both the Strelets and the other Ral Partha sculpts.

(Click on the pictures for a larger image - much larger this time)

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