Sunday, December 21, 2008

Special - Strelets v Ral Partha

There is a thread on the Strelets forum asking about some metal/plastic comparisons, and specifically, about the compatability of Strelets with old Ral Partha. Since I won't be doing any specific comparisons between these two manufacturers for a while, I thought I would post this general comparison now.

The figures illustrated are (left to right).

  • Strelets officer from Crimean French Light Infantry
  • Ral Partha trumpeter from Colonial British Infantry Command set (88-003)
  • Strelets British Crimean Infantry
  • Ral Partha Medieval Turk (probably 54-610)
  • Strelets Streltsi bonus figure
  • Another RP Medieval Turk (54-609)
  • Another Strelets bonus figure
  • Two Ral Partha Colonial Egyptian figures from the command set (88-205)
  • Strelets Crimean Highlander

For those looking for new Ral Partha figures, the colonial range can be bought from Great Endeavours, while the ancients and medievals are now being manufactured by Iron Wind. (Links to the relevant catalogues are below.)

Iron Wind Ral Partha Catalogue

Great Endeavours Colonials List

I will post a comparison of mounted figures tomorrow. As always, click on the picture for a larger version.

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