Tuesday, January 13, 2009

B&B Franco-Prussian, French Sailors

B&B Miniatures offers a complete range of 20mm figures for the Franco-Prussian conflict, many of which are also suitable for other wars of the period. Oddly, the firm currently maintains two distinct websites, with different information on each. The complete listing can be found here:

Look on the same site for a large number of photos of the range.

The image provided above illustrates what the buyer will get in a typical infantry pack. In this case, the figures are from set FPFI-14 "French Marines Advancing." The set included four figures of each of the three poses on the left (with head varieties) plus one each of the command figures on the right - officer, petty officer, standard bearer, bugler.

The set currently retails for 8.80 (UK Pounds), which is 55p per figure. At today's exchange rate that is 80 cents (US) or 98 cents (Canadian).

Click on the picture for a larger version.

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