Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Illustrated List of Napoleonic figures (plastic and metal)

Fans of 1/72 scale Napoleonic battles may already be familiar with the “Soldats du Premier Empire” site. If not, it is definitely worth a visit. Although the text is in French, familiarity with the language is not required for navigation. If you persevere, you will be rewarded with galleries of eye candy among other treats. (Check out the “contributions” page to start.)

The home page is here:

Soldats du Premier Empire

The reason for mentioning the site on this blog though, is that it also hosts an impressive listing of figures available for the various combatants. The list is organized by country, and then by arm. It includes both plastic and metal manufacturers in this scale, and many of the entries are illustrated with images (both painted and unpainted).

The top page of the figure listing is found here:

Figure List National Index

A few navigation hints:

“Accueil” takes you to the home/index page
“Liste des Figurines” is the top page of the figure listing
“Nouveautes” leads to news and updates
“Precendente” = previous
“Suivante” = next
“Remonter” = up one level

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