Monday, February 9, 2009

News: Sepoys, Sikhs and Rifs coming in 20mm

John Cunningham, owner of the old Les Higgens, Douglas and Wodensfeld lines, has shared his immediate plans with the Plastic Pelisse. Due this month will be two sets of new releases, while a third is on the way.

The first release will be sepoys for “Wellington in India.” Arthur Wellesley served in India from 1797 to 1805, fighting in the fourth Anglo-Mysore War and Second Anglo-Maratha War. These figures will provide a start on refighting those campaigns. John will have six figures in this set.

A second release will come out at the same time as the first. This release will cover Akalis (religious warriors) for the first and second Anglo-Sikh wars (1845-49). This release includes 7 figures, some with separate muskets. For a description of one battle involving the Askali, plus a nice picture of a few Akali warriors, see this page:

Finally, John has a range of Rif warriors under development.

For now, John has not settled on a name for his new range. However these figures are not expected to be marketed under the existing brands.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good news. I always fancied getting myself some "Sixes". Very nice site, as soon as I an get blogger to co-operate I'll subscribe as a follower.

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for the note, I hope you find other items of interest as the blog grows.