Monday, March 23, 2009

Cunningham releases Sepoys for Wellington

John Cunningham has launched a new range of figures called “Wellington in India.” At present the range consists of six figures, as seen in the pictures above. (Painted by John; click on the images for larger versions).

Since John hasn’t yet finalized a name for his company, I am indexing these under “Cunningham Miniatures” but I will update that once I have his formal name.

These sepoys can serve in the fourth Anglo-Mysore War and Second Anglo-Maratha War as a start, and more generally the last years of the 18th century, and opening of the 19th century in India.

John will be selling these figures at .80 euros each. At today’s exchange that works out to $1.09 (US), 75p (UK), $1.33 (CDN) or $1.54 (AUS). To order, contact him by email at


Conrad Kinch said...

Great stuff, lovely figures. I'll have to get some...

Plastic Hussar said...


Do you already game in this period, or will this be a new start for you?

Conrad Kinch said...

New theatre rather than a new period. I have Peninsular chaps, but I also have a horde of Esci Moslem warriors that would make fine subcontinentals. I've lacked for sepoys to fight them so I haven't painted them up.

I also got my paws on a copy of Sharp Practice by Two Fat Lardies recently, a skirmish set which doesn't require too many figures.

Plastic Hussar said...


Sounds like fun.

I have some test run copies of these sepoys on hand. I will try to post a pciture of them compared to the Esci "Moslem warrior" figures in the next few days.