Saturday, March 28, 2009

Early 18th century Infantry, part 2

Here are some further pictures from John Cunningham, looking at figures available for the early 18th century. In this case, the models are all from metal ranges. According to John, they can be identified as follows:

Top Picture, left to right:
Warrior 1680, LS 4 Officer (painted, red coat)
Douglas Miniatures, MB 8 Standard Bearer (unpainted metal)
Warrior 1680, LS 1 Grenadier (painted, blue coat)
Douglas Miniatures, MB 2 Musketeer at ready (painted, red coat)
Warrior 1680, LS 3 line Infantry (painted, red coat)

Bottom Picture, left to right:
Douglas Miniature, MB 3 Grenadier firing (unpainted metal)
Warrior 1680, LS 2 Dismounted Dragoon x2 (painted, blue coats)
Minifigs S range, Musketeer firing (painted, red coat)
Les Higgins, MP 12 Musketeer firing (painted, white coat)

Click on the images for larger versions.

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