Saturday, March 14, 2009

Early 18th century Infantry, part 1

John Cunningham has generously provided some photos comparing plastic and metal infantry for the early 18th century. The period of course saw two major conflicts: the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714).

The image above shows all the figures arrayed. Click on the image for a larger version. More detailed shots will follow.

According to John, the figures are:

Top row, left to right

1. Warrior 1680, LS 4 Officer (painted, red coat)
2. Douglas Miniatures, MB 8 Standard Bearer (unpainted metal)
3. Warrior 1680, LS 1 Grenadier (painted, blue coat)
4. Douglas Miniatures, MB 2 Musketeer at ready (painted, red coat)
5. Warrior 1680, LS 3 line Infantry (painted, red coat)
6. Douglas Miniatures, MB 3 Grenadier firing (unpainted metal)
7, 8. Warrior 1680, LS 2 Dismounted Dragoon x2 (painted, blue coats)
9. Minifigs S range, Musketeer firing (painted, red coat)
10. Les Higgins, MP 12 Musketeer firing (painted, white coat)

Bottom Row, left to right

11. Warrior 1680, LS 9 Pikeman (painted, red coat)
12. Warrior 1680, LS 6 Gunner with linstock (unpainted metal)
13, 14. Zvezdva, 2 x Russians GNW set 8049 (unpainted green plastic)
15, 16. Zvezda, 2 x Swedes GNW set 8048 (unpainted tan plastic)
17. Les Higgins, MP 14 Musketeer at ready (painted blue coat)
18, 19. Strelets, 2 x Swedes GNW set 0021 (unpainted red plastic)
20, 21. Strelets, 2 x Russians GNW set 0031 (unpainted dark green plastic)
22. Irregular Miniatures, musketeer marching (unpainted metal)

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