Monday, March 16, 2009

SHQ French Napoleonic Guard Horse Artillery

SHQ is a British metal mini manufacturer, with ranges covering World War II, Vietnam and the Gulf War (1/72), the American Civil War, the English Civil War and the Napoleonic wars (20mm), and Ancient, Medieval Chinese and Gunfighters (25mm).

Their Napoleonic range is extensive, and also includes figures for the War of 1812. The figures in the photo are from that range, and are designated “ART 2 Napoleonic French Guard Horse Artillery Crew.” Click on the image for a larger version.

These gunners stand 22mm high (measured from sole of foot to eyes).

SHQ sells the gun crew as a set of four figures for £2.50 UK. That works out to 63p per figure. At today’s exchange, the single-figure cost is 89 cents (US), $1.13 (CDN), or $1.34 (AUS).

The SHQ website is here: SHQ miniatures
EDIT: these figures are a joint production, also available from Kennington.

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