Monday, April 6, 2009

Ancients and Medievals from Irregular

Ian Kay from Irregular Miniatures has kindly sent over some samples of various ranges. The ones shown above come from the Ancient and Medieval periods. (Click on the images for larger versions). The samples illustrated are as follows:

Top: Wars of the Roses
NLM2 Wars of the Roses Billman
NLM9 Mounted Knight
NLM1 War of the Roses Longbowman
NLM8 Dismounted Knight

Middle: Medieval Scots
NLM17 Irish Kern Light Infantry
NLM13 Spearman in Gabeson
NLM15 Highland Heavy Infantry

Bottom: Assyrians
NBA27 Assyrian Cavalry
NBA28 Assyrian Heavy Spearman

Besides these subjects, Irregular offers the following ancient and medieval troops: Egyptian; Sea People; Mycenaean Greek; Libyan; Aztecs; Swiss/Burgundians; Hussites.

Irregular prices are 50p for foot and £1.00 for mounted.

You can find out more at the website

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