Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Limited run of SYW French released

John Cunningham has confirmed to the Plastic Pelisse that the Wodensfeld Seven Years War French figures are now available. John has produced these figures in a 36 piece set, which includes a mounted officer, senior and junior officers on foot, standard bearers, drummers, and NCOs, as well as infantry in a variety of marching and advancing poses. Each figure in the set is different.

John has only produced a run of 200 sets, which are priced at £18. He is also willing to consider selling individual poses, if there is demand.

Given the recent HaT news about the same period, this may be a very timely release.

For more details, or to order, email to:


Conrad Kinch said...

Dear Mr. Pelisse,

I've been looking for Colour Party figures to complete my British Peninsular War figures, which are mostly a collection of HAT, Strelets and Italeri.

I need two Ensigns with flag poles, a Regimental Sgt. Major with spontoon, an officer or two and ideally a pioneer, complete with axe.

SHQ stock a Peninsular command pack, but there's no indication of what it contains.

Who would you recommend?

Plastic Hussar said...


I have just started to scratch the surface of Napoleonic comparisons, so I can't make any firm recommendation. Perhaps some of the other readers might chime in?

I will see if I can get an answer from SHQ about the contents of the command pack though.


old john said...

suggest, Newline Designs do a Peninsular Command pack in stovepipe shakoes, look out for the old Hinton Hunt standard bearers 2 types in Belgic shako Regimental and King's Colours and RSM did ensigns in bicornes
cheers john

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for the suggestions John.

I have also heard from Peter at SHQ. The British Peninsular War command set includes an officer, a drummer and two standard bearers.