Thursday, April 30, 2009

Early 18th Century Infantry, part 3

These pictures show some more 18th century figures from the collection of John Cunningham.

This time the comparison is focused on Strelets. The green plastic figure in each image is from Strelet's set 31 (Guard of Peter I), while the red plastic figure comes from box 21 (Swedish Infantry of Charles XII).

The metal musketeer figure on the right in each image is from Irregular Miniatures; while remaining figures are from Warrior 1680. The Warrior figure in the top image (second from left, painted) is catalogued as "LS 9, Pikeman," while his counterpart in the bottom image (on the far left) is known as "LS 6, Gunner with Linstock."

As can be seen, the Warrior 1680 figures are nice matches with the Strelets sculpts, while the Irregular troops are a bit shorter. Click on the images for a larger version.

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