Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HaT vs Irregular, Ancient Middle East

The photo above compares three HaT Persians (tan plastic) mixed with two Assyrian figures from Irregular (unpainted metal). Click on the image for a larger version.

Manufacturers’ designations:

The Hat figures come from box 8057 “Persian Light Infantry.”

The Irregular figures come from their Biblical Ancients range. They are NBA27 “Assyrian Cavalry” and NBA28 “Assyrian Heavy Spearman.”

Height compatibility (measured from sole of foot to eyes):
HaT – 23mm.
Irregular – 20mm (foot figure).

Body Build compatibility (from 5 categories):
HaT – C (Average)
Irregular – C (Average)

Overall conclusions:
The sculpting on these two sets is similar, but there is a noticeable height difference. The fact that a couple of the HaT figures in the photo have some bending at the knee, while the Irregular foot figure is upright tends to disguise this. With extra height in basing, it should be possible for some gamers to use the Irregular figures on the same table as the HaT Persians.

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