Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outland Games Update

After my last post on Outland, I have been able to correspond with Tom Dye of GFI, the distributor for Outland. Tom has confirmed that the Outland ranges did start out as the Battalionfeuer range. Chris von Fahnnenstock purchased the ranges several years ago, and has expanded them.

Chris is currently on active duty in the US Army, and so doesn’t have time to do his own moulding, casting, or order fulfillment. He has outsourced those tasks to GFI.

Tom tells me that he has remoulded the World War One in East Africa range, and worked on the additions to the SYW range, as well as some artillery pieces.

The pictures that I posted earlier are not yet in production, but do provide a good example of what is coming down the pipe. Tom expects to have 20mm Turks on hand soon, which have been sculpted by the same designer.

I hope to have more information on Outland and GFI releases as they come out. In the meantime, if you are thinking of picking up some 20mm figures for one of these conflicts, take a look at what Outland offers. It would be nice to support Chris as he serves his country.

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