Sunday, June 21, 2009

Outland SYW Prussians

Outland Games manufacturers several ranges of 20mm and 25mm figures. I am not clear if these are all original designs, or if they are also rereleasing older ranges which have come into their hands. (Their distributer’s website uses the name “Minifigs” but the connection to the Outland figures isn’t clear.)

Whatever the provenance of the other figures, Outland has recently announced the release of several 20mm figures for the Seven Years War, which do seem to be completely new designs. The images above have been taken from their site, and give a sense of the detail available on these castings. They are identified as “Austro-Hungarian Grenadier” and “Prussian Grenadier Sapper.” Click on the images to see larger versions.

Outland sent some of their samples to Will McNally, who runs a dynamic wargaming blog, which includes numerous posts on the Seven Years War. Will has put together his own comparison of the Outlanders with Revell SYW figures, and Airfix AWI troops. You can see his comparisons here.

The Outland website is here:

Outland only sells through GFI, which is at the following website:

GFI is selling these troops in packs of 8, at $4.95 (US). At current exchange rates, that works out to the following cost per figure.

$0.62 US
$0.77 AUS
$0.70 CDN
0.45 Euros
0.38 UK


EY said...

From what I have heard, they are former Battalionfeur Games figures.

Plastic Hussar said...

Thanks for the tip EY. Your information has been confirmed by the distributor. I will post additional material tomorrow.