Sunday, June 14, 2009

Les Higgins Marlburian Infantry & Command

An earlier post introduced the reissued and extended line of 20mm Marlburian figures from Les Higgins. In that post, the Grenadiers from this range were featured. Now it is the turn of the regular infantry figures, as well as the command.

The bottom image shows the infantry sculpts, as follows:

MP 10 Musketeer loading
MP 11 Musketeer march attack
MP 12 Musketeer firing
MP 13 Musketeer kneeling firing
MP 14 Musketeer thrusting
MP 15 Musketeer at east

The top photo includes various command figures, including:

MP 17b Musketeer Officer with sword
MP 18a Musketeer drummer
MP 19a, b, c and d Officers and NCOs (4 figures)

Although most of these figures measure 20mm, from the sole of the foot to the eye, there are a couple of shorter figures in the upper picture.

The range is sold as individual figures, which can be ordered from

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