Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Comparisons on Will's Wargames Blog

Will of Will’s Wargames Blog has recently posted a few metal/plastic comparisons for the early eighteenth century.

On his July 8 post, he looked at the Les Higgins Marlburians, some of which have also been featured on this site lately. He compared the Les Higgins cavalry figures to some Strelets mounted troops, and the foot figures to Zvezda.

Something old, something new

On July 18, Will compared Douglas Miniatures sculpts for the War of Spanish Succession, against the same plastic sets.

Douglas Miniatures WSS figures

On the same day, he also took a look at some Wodensfeld figures for the Seven Years War. This time he compared them to Revell’s SYW Austrians, as well as the Zvezda Russian infantry from the Great Northern War.

Wodensfeld Miniatures SYW French

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