Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Marlburian foot figures from Les Higgins

Carrying on through the Les Higgins 20mm Marlburian catalogue, these figures represent some specialist foot.

The top image are all newer additions to the range, and are (left to right):

MP 26 Dismounted Dragoon in cap, kneeling
MP 27 Dismounted Dragoon in tricorne, firing
MP 34 Drummer (alternate coat)
MP 35 Generic figure, no weapon
MP 36 Generic figure, musket on shoulder

The bottom photo includes more of the original Higgins sculpts, with the exception of the last figure. From left to right, the figures are:

MP 20 (three figures) Artillery Crew
MP 18b Grenadier drummer
MP 25 Imperial Grenadier

The range is sold as single figures; orders can be placed at

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