Monday, October 19, 2009

Period Consolidation

Those of you who rely on the labels to look for particular figures will notice a change shortly. I have decided to consolidate some of the labels into broader periods. There are three reasons for this:

1. The list of labels is growing quite long, and there are still many wars not yet covered. This is pushing down some of the other information in the side bar, making it harder to find.
2. Some of the labels I am using are not creating any meaningful differences in categorizing. In other words, for some labels, all posts labelled "x" are also labelled "y."
3. The motivating reason: the software puts a limit on the length of labels associated with a single post. For some recent posts, I have had to select a smaller number of labels than I would have liked.

If any of the changes I make end up being really unhelpful, please let me know.


Conrad Kinch said...

Dear Plastic Hussar,

I have some figures that are gathering dust that I'd like to send to you. Could you drop me a line with your postal address, etc and I'll send them off. They're Prussian dragoons by Uwe Emke.

Plastic Hussar said...


Thanks for the thought. I'm sure I can put those dragoons to good use.

Please send me a note at my email plastic.hussar (at)

I will reply with my address.

Chris (Plastic Hussar)