Thursday, November 29, 2012

Britannia 20mm vs Revell 1/72, Second World War


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

Britannia is well known for its 20mm Second World War range. The company covers all the major participants in great depth. Besides figures, Britannia has a range of vehicles and also offers artillery pieces and various other useful items.

These particular models come from Britannia’s British range, but the actual model codes are unclear. Because Britannia does not publish a complete illustrated catalogue, it is not feasible to determine exactly which models they are.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured to eyes): 19mm.
Height (measured to head): 21mm.

Availability and Cost:

In January 2011, Dave Howitt, the founder of Britannia Miniatures, passed away. Following a period of uncertainty, his complete catalogue was taken over by Andrew Grubb of Grubby Tanks. After a few more months of transition, the complete Britannia line was once again available. The website for this incarnation of Britannia is:

Foot figures in this range are being sold individually for £0.65.


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The Revell figure on the left comes from box 02508 “German Engineers,” while the figure on the right can be found in box 02510 “Soviet Infantry.” The German set includes 40 foot figures in 12 poses, along with a few odds and ends. The Soviet set is a bit bigger, and comprises 48 figures in 18 poses.

Revell has produced a number of sets covering this conflict.

Figure Characteristics:

02508 (German) height, measured to eyes: 21mm.
02508 (German) height measured to top of head: 23mm.
02510 (Soviet) height, measured to eyes: 23mm.
02510 (Soviet) height measured to top of head: 25mm.

Availability and Cost:

Both of these sets were first released in the early 1990s. The Soviet set remains in production at Revell, and can be found online and at local hobby shops. The German Engineer set is not being produced at present, but the company has recently reintroduced a number of other sets from this period, so this one may soon be available again.