Thursday, November 15, 2012

20mm Newline Designs vs 1/72 Odemars, Greek and Persian foot


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

Newline Design offers a very large range of figures representing conflicts in the ancient world. Its Greek line includes 22 different types, both foot and mounted, while the Persian range is only slightly smaller with 21 types.

Figures Characteristics:

ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to eyes): 20mm
ANG 3 (Greek) Height (to top of head): 22mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to eyes): 20mm
ANP 14 (Persian) Height (to top of head): 22mm

Availability and Cost (as at October 2012):

Foot figures are sold in packs of four, for £1.90. In addition, the firm offers army deals at significant discounts.

The Newline website is here:


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The plastic figures can be found in Odemar’s box PF02 “Persians.” The set contains 15 foot poses in 5 poses. There are also six mounted figures, with 2 rider poses and 2 horse poses. Odemars offers about a half dozen different sets from various parts of the ancient world.

Figures Characteristics:

Height to eyes: 21mm
Height to top of head: 23mm

Availability (as at October 2012):

This set is more than ten years old, and was never popular in the hobby. It can take some effort to track down a new box, but it is not a difficult challenge.

Notes on the Samples:

The Odemars were obtained in a trade with Eric Yin.