Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Falcon 25mm AWI vs 1/72 Revell SYW, foot


Manufacturer’s Designation and Number of Poses:

The metal figures come from the “Falcon AWI” range currently offered by Minifigs under the Matchlock brand. The figures in this line were originally sculpted and released under the Falcon Miniatures name (not to be confused with Falcon Figures).

The two models are catalogued as:

AW12 Continental on Guard
AW41 German Officer Walking

There are currently 30 codes available in this line, all of them foot figures. They represent British and American forces, as well as German troops allied with the British. There are no cavalry or artillery units represented in the range.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured to eyes): 23mm.
Height (measured to head): 25mm.

Availability and Cost:

This line can be found on the Minifigs website, by selecting the “Matchlock” label and then looking for the “Falcon AWI tab.”

Foot figures in this range are being sold individually for £1.10.


Manufacturers’ Designation and Number of Poses:

The Revell figures come from two boxes. From left to right they are:

02579 “Austrian Artillery, 7 Years’ War.” This box includes 24 figures in 17 poses as well as three guns and a team of 4 horses.
02574 “Austrian Infantry, 7 Years’ War.” This box includes 46 foot figures in 13 poses, plus a mounted officer.

Figure Characteristics:

Height (measured from sole of foot to eyes):
Box 2574: 23mm.
Box 2579: 23mm

Height (measured from sole of foot to top of head):
Box 2574: 25mm.
Box 2579: 25mm.

Availability and Cost:

These sets are not currently listed as being in production at Revell, but boxes and used figures can be found at online and local hobby shops.

Notes on the Samples:

Some of the Revell figures were donated by Liam Sullivan.

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